Baking – Why I enjoy it and how it can be a stress reliever

Those who know me will know that it is no secret that I like to indulge in an odd spot of baking every now and then. For me, it is something that I not only really enjoy doing, but it is also somewhat of a stress reliever. So, just why do I enjoy it so much and how can it help calm the mind and relieve stress? Let me explain.

Baking has always been something that has been a part of my family. My Nana used to have some home baked goodies whenever we went to see her, and my Mum has also always been a keen baker, she has produced many fantastic birthday cakes over the years! So, I guess it is only natural that I picked up the baking bug from a young age. It is something that, for me, has always brought enjoyment and given a definite sense of satisfaction seeing the tasty end result after putting the work into its creation.

My go to items to bake are usually some form of sponge cakes or biscuits, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up for trying anything new. Now, I’ll be honest, I do have my limits when it comes to baking. I’m pretty good at cakes and biscuits, but rather hopeless when it comes to most things involving pastry! One of the things I love most is finding a new recipe and giving it a try. Quite often I will be inspired by things I’ve eaten on my travels, one of my most successful bakes was a recipe I found for cinnamon rolls inspired by a visit to the USA. Over Christmas I tried a couple of different recipes for gingerbread, whilst at Easter I attempted some hot cross buns. Sometimes, things don’t quite go to plan and I end up with something not quite as I expected, but that just means I either look for a slightly different recipe for what I’m trying to make or try something completely different. Most of the time though, I end up with a tasty new addition to my baking repertoire.

As for baking being a stress reliever, allow me to explain what I mean. Going through the process of following a recipe, taking things one step at a time and working through things methodically can be a great way to both calm your thoughts, and take your mind off anything that may be causing stress. Many of the processes used in baking, from beating butter and sugar together to kneading dough, can be a good way to channel frustration or anger. Seeing how a selection of key ingredients can all come together to create something delicious can give a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at what you have achieved. In my personal experience, I’ve found that all of this has been a great mechanism to deal with a whole range of stresses and help be a positive way of improving my mental health too.

So, there you have it, a brief explanation of why I enjoy baking and how, for me, it can be a great stress reliever. Hopefully I’ll also be able to share some of my favourite bakes on here so you can see just some of the tasty things I enjoy making.

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