Why do I have an interest in theme parks?

One of the things I often get asked when I tell people I’m interested in theme parks is why? Why am I so interested in them? What is it that I find appealing? How can I spend so much time at the same parks? To many people, theme parks are somewhere they visit occasionally, for a good day out. However, to me, theme parks are so much more than that. So, let me try to explain just some of the reasons why I have such an interest in theme parks.

A place to escape

Theme parks offer the chance to escape from everything, even if its just for a few hours. No matter what I have going on in my life, I can walk through those park gates and feel like I’m in a whole different world. A lot of the time that will be at Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, or Chessington World of Adventures, however sometimes I also get the chance to try somewhere new which only further adds to that sense of escape from the everyday.

There is so much variety

With there being so many different theme parks in the world this means that there is a huge amount of variety in what they offer. I’ve always loved how some parks can create attractions with incredible levels of theming which really immerse you in this whole other world, whether that be somewhere like one of the Disney parks, or just a single attraction within a smaller theme park. Sometimes there’s nothing better than just a pure adrenaline rush from an amazing coaster and there are plenty of parks which can provide that too. Some parks are packed full of as many different rollercoasters that you can think of (Cedar Point I’m looking at you), whilst others might just have that one stand-out ride that blows you away. It is this variety that I adore and simply love discovering what each different theme park has to offer.

Theme parks have offered opportunities to travel

Having an interest in theme parks has presented the perfect opportunities to travel and explore a multitude of new places both in Europe and the USA. Places I never thought I’d get the chance to go. Most recently I visited Stockholm, whilst other trips have seen me take a road trip from the south to the north of Germany, and another trip involved visiting seven US states in two weeks! I know I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunities to travel to the locations I have, and I also know that in some cases I would never have thought of going to some places if it wasn’t for my interest in theme parks.

It’s given me the chance to meet new people

If it wasn’t for my interest in theme parks, I wouldn’t have met the people who have become my closest friends. Visiting theme parks so often means you get to know so many people who share your love of the parks. In some ways, my visits to my parks I go to frequently are now more about the people I go with rather than the rides and attractions at the parks. I love being a part of the TowersTimes and SouthParks community and attending their amazing event, but its also good to be a part of the theme park community in general and it’s always great to meet and speak to people who share the same love of the parks as I do.

I’ve come to realise over the last couple of years that my interest in theme parks is a huge part of who I am and whilst in the past I’ve felt the need to hide it for fear of what people will think, going forward I’m going to be more open about my enthusiasm for visiting theme parks. I will never be ashamed to admit my love for visiting them, and I hope that I can continue to explore and experience new places for many years to come.

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