Trying to begin

The hardest part of any task is getting started. I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while but just haven’t known the best way to start or what to say. It is perhaps a little ironic as I do a fair amount of writing in other aspects of my life, but perhaps it is because a blog can be much more personal that in a way I overthink what to do or say.

Perhaps the best place to start would be to explain what I plan to write about. After a fair bit of thought I decided that it was best to keep it simple and just write about what interests me as well as a few things that affect my life on a day to day basis.

So, just what are these things? Quite a few of my posts will be related to mental health. For the past few years I’ve been affected to varying degrees by anxiety and depression (I refuse to use the word suffer as that implies it’s beating me and I refuse to let it beat me). It’s not an easy thing for me to open up about publicly, but writing has always been one thing that has helped me process things and I guess in a way this blog is a natural progression of that. I hope that by writing about my own experiences and how I progress with coping with my mental health that other people who read this and are going through similar experiences can at least know they’re not the only ones, even if it helps just one person then it will make it worthwhile.

There will also be a fair bit about theme parks, both parks I visit (and I am fortunate enough to go to a few throughout the year), and ones I’d like to get to at some point in my life. The theme park enthusiast community is one that plays a large part in my life and I’ve gained some of my closet friends through it. Until March 2020 I provided many of the news updates for two well-known websites within the community, TowersTimes and SouthParks, and I am incredibly proud of the writing I did for these sites. However, what I write in this blog will be more personal and more about my own opinion.

From time to time I’ll also include posts about various other interests of mine. Some posts will also just be about random things that I feel like writing about. It may be a film I’ve seen, book I’ve read, something I’ve done or a place I’ve been. I tend to find that a lot of the time it can be the little things which can have a bigger impact than you realise.

There we have it, I’ve managed to begin what I hope will be something people find interesting to read. I’m not going to give any set intervals for when I’m going to make new posts, I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself, plus the last thing I want is to post something just because a schedule dictates I have to on a set day. It’s important to me that what I post happens naturally and most importantly is interesting. If you have any feedback, whether it be good or bad, please do let me know, either via the comments, or using the Contact Form.

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